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Nakedesign Leeds West Yorkshire are now stockists of kiln dried wood wool, great prices, great product perfect to protect your products or fill our packaging.

Wood wool is a natural product that is made of kiln dried wood shavings.

The processing of the product is purely mechanical so there are no added chemicals, which means that it safe for use with food, toiletries and pet bedding.

The wood wool comes from the excess pine and spruce from managed forests, where in order to maintain the health of the forest they perform the essential process of thinning it. Give your hampers a natural authentic look with this eco-friendly hamper filler; not only will it make your gift hamper look stunning but will also help to protect them in transit.

The spruce wood wool, on inspecting by the LGA (Landesgewerbeanstalt Nuremberg) have confirmed that it may come into direct contact with food without any restrictions.


  • Food Safe
  • Natural product that is environmentally friendly
  • Safe for use with food products, toiletries and pet bedding
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Economical solution as a hamper fill or for protecting products in transit